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    In these videos the IVEG members express their professional views on different aspects of intravitreal injection therapy, report news from the big ophthalmology congresses and detail current thinking in retinal medicine. These views are not necessarily those of the entire IVEG panel.

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    EURETINA 2017A quick view of EURETINA congress in Barcelona 2017
    Jordi Monés, MD, PhD
    Expert ViewsSeveral agents combined with anti-VEGFs have not met expectations.
    Anat Loewenstein, MD
    Expert ViewsAnat Loewenstein, MD, gives pearls on how to manage diabetic macular edema.
    Marc De Smet MD PhD
    Expert ViewsMarc De Smet MD PhD. The importance of biomarkers for the treatment of individual patients.
    Expert ViewsFrancesco Bandello, MD, speaks about management of ocular complications of diabetes.
    Laurent Kodjikian, MD PhD
    Expert ViewsLaurent Kodjikian, MD, PhD, speaks about the RAINBOW study.
    Rufino Silva, MD, PhD
    Expert ViewsRufino Silva, MD, PhD presents the ATLANTIC study.
    Sundaram Natarajan, MD
    Expert ViewsSundaram Natarajan, MD, practices and protocols of anti-VEGF injection treatment in India.
    Gemmy Cheung, MD
    Expert ViewsGemmy Cheung, MD speaks of Polypoidal Choroidal Vasculopathy.
    Frank G. Holtz, MD
    Expert ViewsGeographic atrophy might be triggered or accelerated by anti-VEGF treatment.
    Valentina 2-year real-world
    EURETINA 2016 Highlights:Two-year follow-up of real world outcomes of intravitreal aflibercept
    Valentina T&E
    EURETINA 2016 Highlights:Twelve month outcomes of treat and extend aflibercept
    Valentina Capped PRN
    EURETINA 2016 Highlights:Capped PRN vs Treat-and-extend
    Valentina  2-year outcomes
    EURETINA 2016 Highlights:2-year outcome for an observe and plan regimen for neovascular age-related macular degeneration treated with aflibercept
    Valentina RAINBOW
    EURETINA 2016 Highlights:The RAINBOW study
    Valentina READ-3
    EURETINA 2016 Highlights:READ-3 results
    Which anti-VEGF treatment regimen?Sebastian Wolf gives an overview of anti-VEGF treatment posologies
    Daniele Wednesday Small
    ARVO 2016 Highlights:ATLAS 1-and 2-year results
    Daniele Tuesday
    ARVO 2016 Highlights:Aflibercept injections more effective in suppressing aqueous VEGF than ranibizumab
    Valentina Monday Large
    ARVO 2016 Highlights:Are systemic levels of amyloid β altered in patients with geographic atrophy?
    Daniele_large (2)
    ARVO 2016 Highlights:Ranibizumab demonstrates visual benefits in patients with CV not due AMD
    Valentina ARVO
    ARVO 2016 Highlights:OCTA and DR – An imaging update
    160401 Protocol T 2-year results
    DRCR.net Protocol T study: 1- and 2-year resultsSanjay Sharma explains 1 and 2-year results from the DRCR.net Protocol T study
    reflux prevention
    Reflux preventionJordi Monés describes his injection technique to limit drug reflux
    Prevention of infectionPaolo Lanzetta gives recommendations to limit endophthalmitis
    mask and cap
    Protective attireThe appropriate protective attire to reduce infection is described by Jordi Monés
    Procedural locationJordi Monés discusses where intravitreal injections should be performed
    Wolf EP
    AntibioticsSebastian Wolf presents on the use of antibiotics
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