• How to inject

    In these videos, IVEG members describe the IVEG-recommended intravitreal injection method, from room set-up to patient follow-up. This method is based on the healthcare failure modes and effects analysis (HFMEA) review conducted by IVEG (read the publication).


    HFMEA is a systematic risk mitigation assessment that aims to advance clinical practice by focusing improvements on the most hazardous steps in a procedure. The HFMEA scores generated by IVEG are presented alongside each video to show their evaluation of the associated risks. You can perform your own risk assessment with our risk reduction toolkit. We hope you enjoy these videos which can be watched in sequence or independently. Please feel free to share them with your colleagues using the links provided.

    Risk Reduction Toolkit
  • Staff prep
    Preparing staffSafety measures taken by all staff discussed by Frank Holz
    Performing an injectionAn intravitreal injection performed by Jordi Monés
    preparation of injection site
    Preparing the injection siteJordi Monés details how to prepare the injection site
    Following up with the patientSanjay Sharma discusses patient follow-up
    Needle preparation
    Preparing the syringeJordi Monés discusses syringe preparation
    Preparing the equipmentPaulo Stanga discusses measures to correctly prepare sterile equipment
    Pt prep
    Preparing the patientHow to prepare a patient for injection, explained by Frank Holz
    Setting up the roomSafe and practical room set-up demonstrated by Daniele Veritti
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