• Risk reduction toolkit

    IVEG has developed this toolkit to help you improve the standard of care of intravitreal injections carried out at your clinic. Using the HFMEA calculator, you can perform a healthcare failure modes and effects analysis (HFMEA), a systematic risk mitigation assessment. The calculator will generate a report detailing the risk associated with each procedural step and highlighting the 25 most hazardous steps. Attention can then be efficiently focused on implementing measures to reduce the risk associated with the most hazardous steps. The report includes some IVEG recommendations relating to the steps they identified as most risky in their HFMEA review of pan-European practice.


    About HFMEA

    To learn more about HFMEA, and how it can benefit your clinic, read IVEG’s Ophthalmologica publication and watch this short HFMEA explained video.


    About the calculator

    To use the calculator you will need to register for an account. You can then save your progress and resume a review at a later date so you can complete your HFMEA assessment at your own pace. The review addresses 28 procedural steps, each broken down into a number of sub-steps so can take several hours to complete.


    The data you provide may be anonymized and analysed by IVEG to discern national risk trends. Data storage and analysis are conducted entirely in compliance with our privacy policy. Your data may be used in an anonymous analysis of all scores captured and only in compliance with our privacy policy.


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  • HFMEA publication_a
    HFMEA publicationRead IVEG’s HFMEA publication in Ophthalmologica
    HFMEA calculator
    HFMEA calculator – preambleIt will guide you through the intravitreal injection procedure, broken down into 28 process steps
    HFMEA explainedAn animated explanation of HFMEA and IVEG narrated by Paolo Lanzetta
    HFMEA calculator_1
    HFMEA calculatorConduct an HFMEA review of your clinic to evaluate the risks associated with intravitreal injections
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